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Our Pastoral Team

Advisory Committee

Rev Chia Beng Hock

Pastor Chia is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Assembly of God and Chairman of Bethel Community Services. He is also the General Treasurer of The Assemblies of God Singapore, Vice President of Festival of Praise Fellowship, Chairman of the Global Leadership Summit of Singapore and Member of the Executive Committee of Bible Society of Singapore. He has been a full-time ministerial staff since March 1982. He holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and is an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God Singapore. He is married to May and they have two sons Alvin and Mervin.

Rev Pang Ek Kwan

Pastor Pang is the Honorary Pastor of Bethel Assembly of God. He was the Senior Pastor from early 1970s till April 2001. Although retired, he still actively preaches and shares the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ. He holds a Master of Arts in Missiology and is an Ordained Minister with The Assemblies of God Singapore. He is married to Sister Pang.

Pastor Wu Tze Chong (Bi-vocational)

Pastor Chong is the Executive Pastor of Bethel Assembly of God. He is also the Deputy National Commander of Royal Rangers, Singapore. He has served in key leadership positions with American, Chinese and European MNCs in the IT and Telecommunications industries. He currently owns a business but has chosen to set this aside for a season in obedience to a call to volunteer his time and expertise in church and ministry. He is married to Theresa.

Executive Pastoral Team

Rev Dr Moses Pi Cheng-Ming 毕承明牧师

Pastor Moses is the Executive Pastor for Pastoral & Empowerment Ministries overseeing the Chinese Regions. He is a pastor, preacher, teacher and registered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner. He has a ABRSM singing Grade 8 qualification, holds a Doctor of Ministry and Ph.D of TCM (Nanjing University), is an Ordained Minister with The Assemblies of God Singapore. He is married to Jannie.

毕承明牧师是教会的执行牧师(牧会及教导)。 他是位多才多艺的牧师- 是位实践的中医师,拥有新加坡中医委员会注册合格执照,能证道,教导与牧会,也拥有英国皇家八号声乐,南京中医药大学学士、医学博士学位及教牧博士学位。 他已婚,师母是郭翼敏姐妹。

Rev Jean Ong

Pastor Jean is the Executive Pastor for Pastoral Ministry overseeing the English Regions and Family Life & Counselling. She was commissioned by Bethel as a missionary to Japan in 1989 and pioneered a church in Otaru, Japan. She returned to Singapore in 1998 and continued serving Bethel in various departments, namely, Missions, Chinese Regions, and English Region 1. She holds a Masters in Social Science (professional counselling) and is accredited with PREPARE/ENRICH. She is an Ordained Minister with The Assemblies of God Singapore.

English Regional Pastors

Pastor Dennis Koh

Pastor Dennis is the Pastor-in-charge for English Region 1. He has been a missionary to Philippines for 14 years and founded Dream Quest X-treme Missions. He planted 9 churches, set up a bible school and a premium kindergarten in the Philippines. Ps Dennis has great empathy for the lost in many other nations and is also actively involved in working with other churches and ministers in the region. He is currently pursuing a Diploma in Theology at TCA College. He is married to Daisy and they have one son, Daniel.

Pastor Wee Hwee Teck

Pastor Hwee Teck is a pastor for English Region 1 and holds a Master of Divinity. He has a heartbeat to nurture members in the Care Cells. He holds a degree in Computer Science, and worked as an Electronics Engineer for many years. He is married to Lily.

Rev Alan Holmberg

Pastor Alan is the Pastor-in-charge for Pastoral Care Support, pastor for English Region 2. He is a people person; he is caring and a great shepherd. He is also passionate about mentoring and discipling lives. He holds a Bachelor in Ministry and is an Ordained Minister with The Assemblies of God.

Chinese Regional Pastors

Rev John Goh 吴世德牧师

Rev John is the Pastor-in-charge for Chinese Region 1. He has a passion for serving the Chinese and Dialect speaking congregation. He has a Bachelor in Theology and is an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God Singapore. He is married to Irene and they have three daughters, Phyllis, Cindy and Christine.

世德牧师是华文部第一区的区牧负责人,负责华语与方言聚会。他拥有神学学士学位及领有新加坡神召会牧师的许可证。己婚,师母黄玉凤,有三位宝贝千金,Phyllis, Cindy 和 Christine.

Pastor Wong Choon Fah 黄春华传道

Pastor for Chinese Region 1. He has a Diploma of Theology. Besides taking charge of the Cantonese services. He carries out regular visits to various homes in the community,lead care cells as well as provides pastoral mnistry. He is proficient in the Chinese Language and other dialects such as Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien. He is married to Geok Lan and they have two children, Lydia and david

黄春华传道是华文部第一区的传道,他拥有神学文凭。服事范围主要是负责粤语聚会,社区探访,家访,带领小组与关怀牧养事工能善用华语,粤语,客语,福建语,证道与教导。己婚,师母洪玉兰,有一对子女,Lydia 和 David。

Rev Weena Loh 罗蕙君、薇娜牧师

Pastor Weena is the Pastor-in-charge for Chinese Region 2. She is multi-lingual, conversant in English, Mandarin, Chinese dialects and simple Bahasa Indonesian. She preaches and teaches regularly and loves to meet people of all ages. She holds a Bachelor in Ministry and is an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God Singapore.

薇娜牧师是华文部第二区的区牧负责人。 她懂得多语言,能够以英语、华语、方言如广东话、福建话及潮州话和简单的印尼话来沟通。她喜欢与不同年龄的人交谈,经常传道、证道和教导。她拥有牧会的学位及领有新加坡神召会牧师的许可证。

Youth & Children Pastors

Pastor Mavis Wong

Pastor Mavis is the Pastor-in-charge for the Youth Region, Velocity, and she holds a Master of Arts in Ministry. She wants to raise a generation of youths who will have a vibrant and intimate relationship with God, discover their God-given potential and see them expressing it for the Glory of God. She believes that every youth can be empowered to be a strategic leader who will serve God both in their schools and in the youth ministry to impact their generation. She also holds a degree in Social Work and is a registered Social Worker with the Singapore Association of Social Workers.

Pastor Doris Foo

Pastor Doris is Pastor for Bethel Children Ministry (BCM) and English Region 2. She is active in pastoral care to the children and in hospital visitations. She is married to Jack. They have three children, Eunice, Winston, Reuben and a lovely granddaughter, Clarice.

Pastor Edina Choo

Pastor Edina is the Pastor-in-charge for Prayer, Communications and Royal Rangers. She also serves in the Executive Pastoral Office. She lives life expecting God for the impossible and have seen multiple breakthroughs. It is her passion to see the supernatural ways of Christ manifested in her daily living. She is married to Paul.